Digital Estimating


Earthwork is a massive work of massive quantities and processing. It involves a lot of complex work which further adds in calculation work. It’s necessary to have a team that makes sure that the work is done flawlessly.

Over the years, our group of professionals at Digital Estimating has conveyed substantially more than exact earthwork estimates with quick turnaround at an affordable cost. We convey individual assistance upheld by an abundance of experience that lone originates from being the best in the business!

We are an expert help department that gives fast, precise earthwork volumes and designs straightforwardly from your electronic documents (CAD, PDF or online arrangement place), hand drawn outlines or blue prints. Using the most exceptional PC innovation accessible alongside experienced and astute estimators we work legitimately with you to make a take-off modified to your particular needs. 

31 2000 – Earth Moving

31 2300 – Excavation and Fill

31 2340 – Lightweight Fill

31 2500 – Erosion and Sedimentation Control

32 1110 – Soil Stabilized Paving (for earthwork erosion control)

Our team experts physically ensure that each high and low rise point, edge, swale, break line, pivot, top/base of divider and cushion rise is represented in our computerized territory model and is considered in the volumes estimations. Our main aim is to provide detailed quantities according to the plans of the project, so it’s safe to say that we make a game plan first and implement it wisely. A proper schedule is created for the project for maximum productivity. The estimate for labor or man hours is also provided, which includes both skilled and unskilled labor. Apart from the major estimations, an account for miscellaneous costs is also taken into consideration e.g storage, waste, spillage etc. With the help of this procedure, we will be submitting you the competitive pricing for the labor and material plan that will fulfill all your bidding needs.