Digital Estimating


Every estimator has their own way of estimating their different jobs. The estimates that are put together can make or break a project. Ergo, it’s equally important to make sure that the pricing, quoting and estimation are done as accurately as you possibly can. Most importantly, the estimates that you quote will affect your cash flow.

Secondly, it’s crucial to visit the client’s space for better consultation and measurements. But these are the aspects that our team at Digital Estimating will take care of.

Need accurate estimation for your painting contractors? Worry no more! Contact Digital Estimating today and you will be provided with the most efficient material and labor cost plans to complete your painting estimates.

  • Painting walls (sf), including exterior cladding and interior partitions 
  • Painting ceiling, including covered and exposed areas 
  • Painting floors
  • Painting columns and beams 
  • Painting trims, moldings, cornices, and baseboards 
  • Painting stairs 
  • Painting doors 
  • Painting cabinets 

We provide our clients with: 

  • Material Types and Quantities
  • Detailed Material Takeoffs
  • Material & Labor Costs
  • Labor Hours
  • Color-coded Plans
  • Complete Reports containing labor hours, taxes, overheads, and profit percentages, and other miscellaneous costs, etc

We create our plans by keeping all aspects in mind (especially the hidden costs) and all other general cost estimates required for a project takeoff.

 Estimating with success, always!

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