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Saving Constructions Costs Through Value Engineering min

Saving Constructions Costs Through Value Engineering!

Costing is seen as an easy job. But cost-saving with value has more to it. To achieve this, we have Value Engineering. Value engineering is a set of systemic tasks performed to reduce project costs without compromising quality and integrity. Value Engineering has been wrongly attributed as Cost Cutting. However, it is incredibly different in its premise. Value Engineering substitutes the construction materials from expensive to cheaper ones without compromising functionality. Value Engineering is also known as value analysis. Digital Estimation has incorporated Value Engineering into its working strategy. Our target has always been to provide a Low Cost, High-Value estimation for construction costs. Digital Estimating accurately weights the cost/benefit ratio and offers alternative suggestions for construction materials. DE has always strived to provide value to your project without sidelining the functionality.

Value Engineering at Digital Estimation

Our Engineers at Digital Estimation have developed a methodology for Value Engineering. Value Engineering is all dependent upon the scope and nature of the project. Digital Estimating follows these criteria in value engineering: –

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